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Home Automation & Façade Media

Recognizing the need for a new technology of home automation system we have established a long term work relationship with one of the best professional supplier of home automation and façade media in the region, we are providing our clients with the best automation system technology and services, the technology is designed to be completely unobtrusive, while complimenting the design and providing clients with convenience, security, and energy efficiency. This includes; Intelligent Lighting, Security/Access Control/CCTV, Green Energy/Consumption Programming/Optimization, Automation for Accessibility Needs, Centralized Media Distribution.

Building façades are one of the largest, most important elements in the overall aesthetic and technical performance of a building. Media Façades are custom designed for each installation and building to disappear within and augment the architecture of the building, invisible during the day and attention grabbing by night. Video mapping or pixel mapping is a special service used for Media Façades, especially of irregular shape. All the led displays at one site can be controlled by one platform; it is very flexible to control the displays.